Cinnamon and Honey for diabetes
Cinnamon Cures
Cinnamon and Honey Cures have been known for generation in Ayurveda
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Ayurvedic medicine wisdom still retains knowledge of the healing properties of both Cinnamon and Honey. This combination has been used in Ceylon for generations in Ayurveda.

Honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent. Honey when applied on burns or wounds promotes healing and prevents infection. When combined with an overall healthy diet and moderate activity level, the consumption of Cinnamon with Honey can prevent heart disease by clearing clogged arteries.

Consumption of Cinnamon and Honey in lukewarm water results in brew moving through the bladder and cleansing it, as well as clearing infections. Drinking this brew on a regular basis has also been known to relieve arthritis pain.

This natural drink also builds the immune system and helps to ward off colds as coughs. Applying this mix as a paste to infected gums can ease pain and bleeding as well as slow the progression of the infection.

When consumed together, honey and cinnamon can help to prevent gas and assist in digestion. Cinnamon and Honey also boost energy, and make people more mentally alert and ready for physical activity.